Package of 10 Smart Straws


Retail Package of 10



Get the Original Super Sipping Straw® in a pack of ten! Price includes shipping and handling!

Our Smart Straw allows you to adjust the air flow into your straw to cool the temperature of a hot drink before it reaches your lips. Each individually wrapped straw has six tiny holes.  These holes allow air to mix with your beverage thus reducing its temperature.  The straw also has a sliding red sleeve, to cover as many or as few holes as you wish.  The more holes that are closed,  the hotter your drink will be.  You can close all the holes in your Smart Straw if your hot beverage has cooled or if you are drinking a cold beverage.

The Smart Straw also has a flexible section, so that you can sip while driving without your cup blocking your line of sight.  The Smart Straw is a normal diameter; insert it through the cover of a go cup and drink without spilling.  Besides preventing burns in your mouth, the Smart Straw prevents burns and clothing stains by eliminating spillage.

The reusable Smart Straw is BPA Free, biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

We offer reduced pricing for recurring, large quantity orders and for some special orders.



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