“The Original Super Sipping Straw®” Company

Specifically designed for drinking Hot Beverages Comfortably and Safely.

At Home, the Office or On-the-Go use The Original Super Sipping Straw®

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Using our US Patented (9,370,270 B1) technology we manufacture these BPA free, biodegradable, environmental friendly, and hot-liquid-proof straws for safely sipping hot coffee or drinks.  Simply place straw in your piping hot cup of coffee or slip it through the lid of your Hot-Coffee-To-Go-Cup and just sip.  Eliminates annoying “burnt” tongue and taste buds while you still enjoy drinking your coffee hot.

Keep on sipping your hot cup of coffee-to-go with the lid on to keep it hot and avoid painful, distracting and costly (laundry) coffee spills.  Use the flexible straw feature to keep sipping your hot coffee while keeping the to-go-cup out of your line of sight as you drive Safely.  Straw promotes good dental hygiene by minimizing coffee stains on your front teeth while sipping coffee.